Crack this puzzle and win some cash with the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, now only $17.77

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There are some truly amazing puzzles and puzzle-solvers out there, but few can lay a claim to becoming a millionaire thanks to their ability to slot pieces together just so. The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, however, sets you up to win big with your puzzle-solving abilities. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, this fun prize puzzle is now only $17.77 (reg. $30). You’ll have to act fast though, as this deal only lasts until March 20.

How it works

Created by art collective MSCHF, the rules are simple. In order to win, just put the puzzle together. Each copy has a unique QR code as its image, so you don’t have to rush, but you do have to get it in the correct order. Once you assemble the code, scan it, go through the included instructions and submit the special code included with the box and you’ll win a cash prize. The prizes range from $1 to $1 million, and you will receive your winnings via digital check.

The ultimate prize for each individual puzzle is $1 million. Only 2 of all the puzzles will have $1 million prizes (hence the name). You could very well become a millionaire, but only if you complete the challenge of piecing the puzzle together first.

Solving the puzzle

The jigsaw you’ll be tackling is a 500-piece monster with a 15.7″ by 15.7″ square footprint. For obvious reasons, there’s no picture included for you to work from, so you’ll need to deploy all your other puzzle solving techniques (and perhaps a few other heads) in order to get your code together. 

This unique puzzle boasts an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating, and one verified customer wrote, “I loved how this stood out from your standard puzzles and had quite the incentive! I only got $1 prize from this, but I definitely want to do another!”

Solving puzzles is often its own reward, stretching your brain in new and exciting ways, but with this puzzle, you could also reward yourself with a monetary prize. Grab MSCHF’s 2 Million Dollar Puzzle now for just $17.77 and celebrate the luck of the Irish. This deal ends March 20 at 11:59pm Pacific.

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