ios – Does doing an iPhone restore remove Exchange ActiveSync’s ability to remote wipe a device?

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Will the device still be enrolled in a remote management program with my client? Will they still be able to remotely wipe my device?

Generally speaking, no.

That comes with a caveat, however. It depends on the policy and how the device was enrolled (with Microsoft Intune).

First, understand that there are many different profiles that an admin can deploy including one for contractors who typically BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Unlike organization owned devices (used by employees), they need to provide you access to corporate resources on the devices you bring into their organization.

and afterwards realised this could give my client the ability to wipe my device remotely.

This is standard practice. This is about data security not some ability to be malicious with their policy enforcement. Should you lose your device or your contract conclude, there needs to be a way for company to ensure that their data isn’t released out into the wild.

There are options both on the profile and on the admin console that allow a wipe from the entire device down to just removing the apps and data. A contractor profile (depending on the sensitivity of data accessed) usually has the latter. There’s even an option that after a wipe, the device be re-enrolled (or not) back with the Intune server.

Generally speaking, when you sign your contract there’s verbiage about your responsibilities to protect data, etc. They should disclose to you that any device you want to connect to their network is subject to their rules and they remain in effect so long as your contract is in effect and you’re connected to their network/servers. When you separate, they will no longer have legal status to control/wipe your device.






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